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My mission is to create a world in which people communicate “soul to soul” rather than “identity to identity”. 


I found that - while I loved being a doctor - I was also interested in listening to people's stories, and chose to work with patients nobody else wanted, namely those who were dying.

When I was 24 years old, my life took a very unpredicted turn: I myself was given a life-threatening diagnosis. I was told that I would likely live for only two more years.

This news propelled me to make the unusual choice of going to drama school in London.

If I was to die, there was no time to waste and I had to pursue my passion.

After drama school, and trying the difficult path of working as an actor, I returned to medicine and did a four-year residency in psychiatry in New York. 

I had a hunger for learning and did additional training in hypnosis, family systems and narrative therapy.

It was narrative therapy that informed my practice as a psychiatrist, as I came to understand the mechanisms of power, and the way the stories we tell not only describe our lives but shape them.

I eventually told my story publicly, and then, in collaboration with an old friend I’d known from school in South Africa, created a storytelling performance called “Two Men Talking”,

 which we took around the world, from South Africa to England, Australia and across the USA. 


We created a storytelling method and a company for teaching others how to tell their own personal life stories.

For the past twenty years I have worked as a psychiatrist and therapist, spending my days listening to the deeply personal stories of peoples’ lives. My mission in all the work I do is to create a world in which people are inspired by their lives, and communicate “soul to soul” instead “identity to identity”.