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An Adventure of Discovery for Couples

August  5 - 11 2017


Beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.


We are Paul Browde and Beth Borowsky. We have known each other for forty years, having met as children in South Africa.

I, Paul, am a doctor, couples coach and storyteller. I live in New York City.

I, Beth, am an experienced goddess yoga retreat leader, with over 1000 hours of training in asana, meditation, and yoga therapy, specialising in Forrest Yoga. I live in Sydney.

We are so excited to bring our whole selves, and all of our experience, together, to one place, and to share it with you.

The Sacred Power of Two retreat, to be held at the Dea Villas estate on the magical island of Bali, allows you the gift of time and space, and the gentle learning of tools to connect with your partner in intimacy, fun and adventure.

  • This is not a week of therapy.

  • It is not a week to face or solve problems.

  • It is not a week of hard work.

  • It is a week to be in your body: to do yoga, to swim, and to explore the magical island of Bali.

  • It is a week to nurture yourself: to receive body work, to eat delicious meals, read, and rest.

  • It is a week to get to know your partner more deeply than ever before. I will guide you in a simple method to know one another in a new and deep way.

  • It is a week to remember your love. I will teach you how to open your heart and to feel your natural capacity to love.

  • It is a week to reclaim your spirit: to participate in an ancient fire ceremony and experience connection to your partner, soul to soul.  

  • It is a week that will leave you inspired by your own life.

Each day we will begin with an optional yoga practice taught by me, Beth. (If you are new to yoga or have another morning practice you would prefer to do, you are free to choose.)

My approach to yoga is that it is an inner healing journey, in which you are reminded of the deep connection you have with yourself -- your heart, body and spirit, as well as the relationship between them.

 The morning yoga practice will ground you and open your heart to the daily work in which you will engage with your partner. The practices will invite you to explore the good medicine inherent in each pose in a safe and mindful way, and leave you feeling invigorated, strong and calm. (No prior yoga experience is required and all injuries will be managed safely.) 

Each day I, Paul, will guide you in the practice of "crossing the bridge" into your partner's world.

This is not "therapy". This is not about facing pain, or solving problems. It is about letting go of suffering and finding the joy that you share, building on your already deep connection.

I will teach you how to host your partner in your world with patience and gratitude, sharing your essential truth.

I will also guide you in how to visit your partner’s world with respect and appreciation, leaving behind your judgments and opinions and your desire to fix or change the other.

Each day will build on the day before, so that by the end of our week together, you will have learned, experientially, a new language of communication, which you will take back with you into your life.

Every day will include one learning session.

This will allow ample time for having deep rest and relaxation,

discovering the local area of Bali, lying in the sun, eating delicious food,

receiving bodywork, getting to know other people, or spending time with yourself.

During the week we will also travel together to Ubud to participate in a traditional fire ceremony.

The Sacred Power of Two

Our group is limited to 10 couples, to allow greater intimacy

within the group and personalized training and attention.

We welcome gay and lesbian couples, as well as non-traditional


Registration is by application only.

The Experience

Luxurious private room + ensuite

Daily yoga class (optional)

Couples Transformation Training

Delicious, healthy breakfast and lunch daily


Traditional fire ceremony and dinner

Airport transfers


Couples training testimonials

We are each executives running high growth companies based in Manhattan. We have been together five years, married a year, and now embarking on a new chapter having a child.  We are seekers. We entered the couples’ work with Paul to find a way to connect even more deeply. It was more intimate and powerful than anything we have done. He created a container that allowed us to be more vulnerable than we have ever been with one another. His teachings are not something you can just read about in a book or pick up watching a video - to experience the wisdom he shares requires his gentle yet strong guidance and your full presence - it is transformational. It's been months since our work with him and we have found new worlds to explore within one another and are still regularly using the tools we learned from him in our time together. The way we connect as a couple has forever changed by the work with Paul.


New York City

We took Paul's workshop as our wedding gift to ourselves! The work tapped us into new ways of listening to one another, and knowing each other, and gave us tools to communicate authentically. What more of a gift could one receive and give to each other than this work? Not to mention the joy of getting to hang out with this insightful, loving and brilliant man! 


A wonderful therapist. Kind, compassionate, clear and loving. We can't imagine going on the journey that Paul took us on with anyone else.


New York City


Goddess retreat testimonial

Beth and lovely Bali Goddesses of August 2012 ... an eternal thank you for together making what was truly one of the most blissful and blessed experiences of my adult life. I joined the retreat with the aim of 'reconnecting' through yoga and meditation and came away feeling so much more. Six days on, I still feel different, lighter, peaceful. A special thank you to Beth for all the little things that made all the difference, for creating such a sacred and intentional space for us all to breathe and 'unmind our minds'. Looking forward to the next ... and the next and the next! 

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