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 Being in a couple is not a problem to be solved, but rather an opportunity for powerful intimacy and personal growth.


When you are open to learning, your partner can be your greatest teacher. I will introduce you to specific techniques for remembering and accessing the deep connected space that exists between you.

Practicing these techniques under my guidance will begin to rewire your brains, laying down new

neural pathways and opening new options for relating.


I enjoy facilitating conversations about all areas of life, including some of the difficult ones like sex, money and death.


I have spent the past several years learning from an extraordinary teacher - the world-renowned Hedy Schleifer - not only as a therapist, but together with Simon, my partner and husband of 30 years.

Our relationship continues to evolve with an ever-deepening spirit of trust and adventure.

I offer training to couples in my practice in New York. The work takes place in long sessions, either over two consecutive days, or broken down into ninety-minute or three-hour blocks spread out over weeks.



To book sessions or to find out more, please write to Kim Dillon at kim@paulbrowde.com