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I offer individual psychiatric consultation and psychotherapy, both in person in my office in Manhattan, or if appropriate, via video conferencing.


My aim as a therapist is to listen deeply to - and to have an authentic relationship with - the particular individual who sits before me. Each person who consults me is unique, and it is my job to create a trusting and safe environment for exploration and healing. For some, this means my being willing to talk and share my perspective, and, for others, to listen without judgment or interpretation.

I am guided by the narrative therapy principle that “the person is never the problem, the problem is the problem”.

I am open to using a variety of modalities for working together, including hypnosis, coaching and storytelling.


I see the tremendous value in the use of medications at times, and prescribe and monitor their

use when necessary. I also guide people in stopping medications when they are no

longer indicated.