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Paul is co-creator of, and a performer in, Two Men Talking, which is an internationally acclaimed

improvised storytelling performance. Two Men Talking has played on the West End of London and Off Broadway in New York, and has been presented at university campuses across the USA.

"Storytelling is a powerful medium for communication. Especially in situations where the message is too painful, too embarrassing, too secret to speak it. Storytelling can then become a journey to the truth.

"Paul Browde and Murray Nossel have been telling their story on stage to acclaim in the United Kingdom, Canada the United States and Australia. They speak of homophobia, racism and HIV/AIDS, subjects that should be acknowledged and discussed but which are too often avoided or denied. Audiences have found their performance to be immensely helpful in facing many issues.

I commend Paul and Murray for their commitment and courage and for their desire to bring their story to South African audiences, especially to disadvantaged communities.

"The truth has the power to heal and bring wholeness. I encourage you to support this worthy endeavor. God bless you."

Desmond M Tutu Archbishop Emeritus

"A conversation and interludes of reflection between two highly intelligent men creates a wonderful piece of theatre. As they go back and forth through the present and past of their time, reliving success and failure, good times and bad, with emotion and humour, unsentimental and honestly self-revealing, you find yourself making unexpected connections with your life and sense of self. Two extraordinary actors reach deeply into our complex common humanity in a shared world of misunderstanding and division."

Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Prize winner for literature